Why do people think that pandas are evil?

Ok, this time i’m tagging my artists and look at some artist-pages.
So i’ve seen some pics like this:



They look like:

That makes me create a new tag -> <-Feel free to use it!

But the Giant Panda isn’t evil!!! He don’t even eat meat!!! And he’s living in China, where people are communists, so they don’t believe in satan!!!

Are the pandas an invention of satan??? Are they satans special forces from hell???
Perhaps they are some camouflaged demons from hell, awaiting the order to take over the world, using china’s secret Weapons of mass destruction!!!!2000 nuclear warheads!!!!!Land-based Intercontinental Ballistic and Cruise Missiles with a range of 8,000 km – 10,000 km with a Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle capability!!!!!

But noooo, pandas aren’t evil….
They just suck on bamboo.

Wait…… Suck on bamboo??? Are they gay??? Is this the secret meaning of looking like a panda?????!!!!!!

OMFG!!!! This is much more gruesomely!!! They are the gay task force from the underworld!!!!



I listen to some of those bands and i have have no objections against gays. I’m just wondering why the hell those paintings should be evil.


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