Other bands play…

Manowar SMELL!

Long time ago, in my teenage years, i was a big fan of Manowar.
First time i saw them was in ’86, they were the co-headliner along with Motörhead at the “Easter Metal Blast”-Festivals.
Easter Metal Blast
I didn’t knew them before, just went to this Festival to see Lemmy&co.

As Manowar entered the stage and started to play i was really overwhelmed.
I can’t remember what song they played for opening but i can assure you that i was a fan from the very first second.
Next day i searched the local record stores for their albums and bought them all.

I really loved(and still love!)

# Battle Hymns (1982)
# Into Glory Ride (1983)
# Hail to England (1984)

but i never really was a fan of

# Sign of the Hammer (1984).

I also bought all the following studio-albums but i drifted away from them more and more…

From year to year they appeared to be bigger posers than all other bands in the world(except the ).
Ok, they are perhaps great musicans and so on, but if i want to hear some classical stuff i will NOT listen to Eric Adams’ “Nessun Dorma”.
And whats the silly “glory hallelujah!” in “An American Trilogy”?
AND WHAT IS “An American Trilogy” FOR A SHITTY SONG????

Thats not Manowar.

So all you Manowar-fans out there, i know you will hate me for this, but Manowar are only fakes of themselves today, with all these stupid posing and “Look! I’m so true it hurts!”

These “If you’re not into Metal, then you are not my friend!” is so absolutely senselessly, it’s unbelievable.
E.g. “Sting of the Bumblebee” and “Nessun Dorma”: Wtf is metal in this songs??? And the lyrics of “An American Trilogy”? WTF?
This should be a country song, eventually americans like it but over here in europe it’s a needless one.

A few weeks ago i borrowed a Manowar-dvd from a friend of mine, just wanted to see them again after a long time…
I couldn’t stand this stupid posing and all the prattle about true metal, fans, bikes and tits. I don’t want to hurt somebody but this is really, hummm, not childish but…. it’s the right stuff for teenage rowdys.
(BTW: I listened to the songs without looking at the screen.)

They should lay down their clownish leather-clothes, erase this stupid lyrics, stop this gay bodybuilding covers and make some good metal songs without this pathetic attitude.

And oh, i think Eric Adams has a little dick! All this bodybuilding has let his dick shrink, so now he needs another way to prove that he’s a real man -> http://www.wildlifeandwildtimes.com/

This is so retarded…
No, i’m not a vegan or a vegetarian but why kill animals out in the woods? There is no cause for this moronic behavior.

So blow your speakers with Rock’n'roll, no matter of what kind! Just avoid Nu metal!!!



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