Metallica starts to suck with the Black Album.

Or what do you think?

My first bought LP was Highway to Hell, a good start for a pre-teen into music! The next time i mainly listen to my older brothers stuff(Alice Cooper,Black Sabbath,Deep Purple and so on). Then i saw Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades at the TV and the next LP(i was 11 or 12)was No Sleep ’til Hammersmith. And then followed all this NWOBHM-stuff and i liked it all.
Then in ’84(at the age of 14) Metallica crossed my path…
It was Motorbreath that make me feel like “whooooooooah!!!”. Never heard something like this before!
It was a saturday and i washed my father’s car. On monday i take the money from washing the car and bought Kill ‘em All. I loved it and still love it today….
Meanwhile it’s 1986, Ride the Lightning-time! But, what’s that? Slow songs like ballads… blah
But after some listening the songs get better from day to day. Still love Ride the Lightning….
The Master of Puppets-album kicked and still kicks ass! It include my Metallica-all-time-fave “Damage, Inc.”.
The next years are full of great songs and concerts(including some Metallica gigs), nothing special happend.
Except for Cliff Burton‘s death.
We all were totally shocked and couldn’t believe that…
R.I.P. Cliff.

At Garage Days… it was strange to hear a new Member playing Bass but Jason was a right sympathetic guy, so i couldn’t hardly wait to hear the next album.

And …And Justice for All was a milestone!!!
…and ok, “one” is played to dead…

Then the so called Black Album(i call it Black Day Album…) came to see the light. I couldn’t believe my ears, what’s that?? Metallica…? No way.
And it starts a long periode of boring Mainstream-Rock-songs that nearly last ’til today.

St. Anger was a nice try, but not the real deal. It was nice to hear something harder but the feeling’s gone…
Now to me Metallica is just a Band like many others. I always look what they do next and watch new stuff(like Some Kind of Monster), ’cause they once were my heroes, but when i put a Metallica-CD in my player it’s one of the first 4 albums, perhaps the Grage days E.P.

I hope this text is comprehensible, english is not my native language and i’m 20 years out of school… ;D

Best regards,

PS: The S/M-Album i don’t count to real Metallica-releases, it was pure moneymaking.
…like many other things they do…


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